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Delivering PURE cold-extracted juices in Mumbai & Nasik.

Cold-Extracted. What's That?

Cold-Extracted. What's That?

Juices are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get your daily dose of nutrition. Cold Pressing you’ve heard of – but Second Nature isn’t cold pressed. It is cold extracted. Now what is that?
Most packaged juices are pasteurized. It’s when you heat them and then cool them just as fast. It’s done to make juices safe to consume. But heating doesn’t just remove the bacteria in the juices – it also damages their nutritional quotient.
Cold Extraction basically means two things – one, we use real, actual fruits for our juices, and not concentrates. Secondly, it means we retain more fibre and natural goodness of the fruit in our little bottles than other juice. In this process, the fruit is gently pulped in its entirety, keeping the natural soluble fibre intact. Furthermore, to prevent oxidation, juices are made in an environment with reduced oxygen and while this is happening, vacuum is created to remove the dissolved oxygen from the juice. But why go to these lengths? The answer is simple – we must treat the juice the same way we would treat a fruit. Would we ever heat a fruit before eating it? No. Then why heat the juice? It is critical that
As for oxidation, all of us have bitten into an apple and then left it on a table – we have all seen the brown coloration that happens when you leave a cut-fruit in the open. Oxidation is what causes fruits (and juice) to spoil. Hence, it is critical that we do not let our juices oxidise. Cold extraction is also a gentler method of juicing – as a result, it retains more fibre from the fruit. The fibre is where most of the nutrition of the fruits is, so retaining it is crucial to retaining the natural nutrition and taste from the fruits.
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