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Delivering PURE cold-extracted juices in Mumbai & Nasik.

What Makes Us, Us?

What Makes Us, Us?

The food and beverage industry in India isn’t what it used to be. Now, health has become a major factor, besides taste. At Freshtrop Fruits Ltd, we have over 25 years of experience in supplying fresh fruits to some of the most demanding supermarkets in Europe. Using this experience, we created Second Nature in 2018 – the idea being to create a product that was pure and nutritious enough us to consume without any second thoughts – to provide nutrition and taste second only to the tree – just the way it should be
We try to do everything right – we work directly with growers, training them in the best farming practices that are accepted globally. We ensure that the produce they grow meets the highest food safety standards in the world. We have empaneled renowned agronomists and experts to educate growers in to ensure that fruits are grown and harvested when they are just right. Second Nature utilizes the latest High-Pressure Processing (HPP) - a process that respects the ingredients and ensures retention of the nutrition and original flavour of the fruits, vegetables and nuts. It also solves for the bacteria problem in a warm country like India. Our team of harvesters ensure that the fruit is harvested at the right time and is then shipped to their facility within hours of harvesting. At the facility the fruits are immediately put into a temperature-controlled environment to ensure freshness and no nutrition loss. These are the fruits that will go into making each bottle of Second Nature. Little wonder, it is second only to nature i.e. the best alternative to plucking fruits right off their branches and consuming them at the farm.
We believe fruits are best had at the farm, when they are fully ripe for picking. So we bring these natural tastes and nutrients to consumer in the form of cold extracted juices, second only to the fresh fruits themselves in terms of nutrient retention and flavor. How do we do that? Post-harvest management is key to retaining the taste and nutrition of fresh fruits. Not just that, Cold extraction by itself is a unique method of juicing fruits and vegetables. Juice and pulp is gently extracted and a vacuum environment is created to prevent oxidation and prevention of loss of natural flavors. This is in stark contrast to cold-pressed juices, which are extracted using pressure and straining in open to atmosphere conditions, causing fibre loss and oxidation.
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