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Delivering PURE cold-extracted juices in Mumbai & Nasik.

From the Farm to your Home

Two decades of globally recognized commitment to quality & transparency – from the farm to the customer.

What makes us, us

25 Years with Agriculture

For 25 years, we’ve surpassed the requirements of taste, nutrition, freshness and safety standards of the most demanding European supermarkets with our fresh grapes and pomegranates. We work closely with our farmers, helping them in the use of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We have expertise in post-harvest care of fruits & vegetables.


The best way to enjoy most fruits is plucking them right off the tree when they are just ripe for picking. The second best is ours. We source directly from farms and keep the cold chain intact all the way locking in the goodness from the farm.


It’s the latest international technology in food safety. A natural process, it involves using water pressure five times higher than the deepest part of the oceans. HPP respects the ingredients and ensures safety while retaining the original flavour and nutrition of the fruits, veggies and nuts.


Cold-Pressed is great but Cold-Extracted is better. It gently extracts the pulp from the fruits and vegetables along with its natural, soluble fibres. By doing this in oxygen-reduced conditions, it helps minimise oxidation too.

Post-Harvest Management

We harvest the produce at the time when it is just ripe for plucking. We ship it to the pack house within hours of harvesting. There, we immediately put it into a temperature-controlled environment to ensure freshness and minimal loss of nutrition.

Global Food Safety Standards

We maintain strict hygiene and food safety controls in our production facility. We’ve done if for over two decades now. A mix of agronomists, food technologists, microbiologists, independent auditors and the most demanding global customers ensure our facilities are certified to global hygiene and food safety standards such as FSSC 22000.
Our purpose

To bring purity, as nature intended it, into people’s lives.

Our History

Early Days of Inception                                                            1992-1995

Our Company Freshtrop Fruits was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1992. We set up our first post-harvest management facility in Nasik. Freshtrop was listed on the BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange – in 1994. We became one of the first companies to successfully export fresh grapes from India to European supermarkets.

Bringing global food safety standards to India                       2003-2008

In 2003, our growers became the first in India to be certified with GlobalGAP (then EurepGAP) standard of Good Agricultural Practices. In 2005, both our post-harvest management facilitates achieved BRC certification – the first post-harvest management facilities in India with this certification. APEDA, an apex body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, awarded us the APEDA Export Award for our efforts to promote and grow the market for Indian grapes in both 2006 and 2007. We were also awarded the CNBC Emerging India Award in 2008.

Exporting Juice                                                                      since 2009  

In 2009, we set up a fruit pulping facility in Nasik for producing pulp & juice of mangoes and pomegranates. We continue to supply these to the food industry in India, Europe, Japan, China and the US.

Supplying cut fruits in Europe                                               since 2015

In 2015, we set up a high-care area for fresh-cut fruits and ready-to-eat pomegranate arils & coconut chunks for the retail and food service segment. These are mainly exported to Europe.

Using all the experience in Second Nature                               since 2017

With the intention of bringing foods in their purest form, as nature intended them to be, to consumers in India, we set up a cold extraction unit along with the latest HPP technology for ensuring food safety. This led to the launch of Second Nature in 2018
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