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Delivering PURE cold-extracted juices in Mumbai & Nasik.



What is the story behind the name, Second Nature?

Second Nature means Second-To-Tree. It also implies a tendency or habit that has become characteristic or instinctive! For us, Second-To-Tree is exactly that, and these three words adequately summarise who we are and what we are about. We know that the best way to get the maximum nutrition and taste out of most fruits is when you pluck them from the tree and have them. We believe, the second best is our way. And we have gone great lengths to ensure that you get to relish nature’s bounty as nature intended it to be.

It starts with building meaningful relationships with our farmers and cultivating them with education and inclusive growth. The seeds of this fruitful relationship that were sown two decades back have been bearing fruits for a long time now. And it’s this long-standing inner circle of trust that helps us achieve our goal. Being close to nature, is our Second Nature.  

What do you mean by Farm-to-Home

Everything we do is focussed on bringing the nutrition and taste that exists at a farm to your doorstep, and this intent is what forms the basis of our Farm-To-Home initiative.

Process and Product

What is the difference between Cold Vacuum Extracted & Cold Pressed juices?

We are not cold pressed. We are cold extracted. We don’t use heat or any form of pasteurisation or concentrates in our products. We use a process of cold extraction which gently extracts the pulp from the fruit along with the natural soluble fibres. While this is getting done in a reduced oxygen environment to minimise oxidation, vacuum is created to remove even the dissolved oxygen to ensure a long-lasting retention of natural taste, flavour and nutrients.  

This specialised process does not use any bags or belts which are used in the conventional cold pressing process which can be quite cumbersome to clean and maintain at a high level of hygiene.

Cold Extraction allows us to retain far more fibre and avoid oxidation as compared to conventional pressing process.

Where is your production facility located?

Second Nature is prepared in Nasik, Maharashtra – a region known for its fertile land and pleasant weather.

Does the extraction process retain the fibre and pulp from the fruit?

The process of cold extraction gently extracts the pulp from the fruit allowing far greater availability of natural soluble fibres compared to conventional pressing process.

How do you source the fruits and vegetables that you use for preparing the juices?

For over two decades our Company has been a consistent supplier of fresh Indian grapes to some of the most demanding supermarkets in Europe. In these markets, food safety is the most critical requirement along with emphasis on retention of taste, freshness and nutrition of the fruits.

We have delivered this for years by working closely with our farmers using Good Agricultural Practices and appropriate post-harvest management. It is this expertise and strong partnership with farmers that helps us to source the best fruits & vegetables for Second Nature.

What are the steps you take to ensure that the natural nutrition of the fruit & vegetables is retained in the juices?

There are 4 key steps that we follow to ensure maximum retention of nutrition of the fruits and vegetables;

Direct Sourcing - For over two decades our key strength and focus has been development of long-standing relationships with farmers. These strong partnerships with farmers allow us to source the best fruits & vegetables for Second Nature directly from the farms when they are at their nutritious best!
Post-Harvest Management - The objective of stringent post-harvest management is the retention of maximum nutrition of the fruit and vegetable once they are plucked. Our well-trained teams of experienced harvesters ensure that the fruit is harvested in the right way and at the right time before promptly transporting it to the pack house. At the pack house the fruits are immediately put into a temperature-controlled environment to ensure freshness and nutrition retention. These fruits & vegetables are washed and cleaned thoroughly before being graded to pick the finest that go into making each bottle of Second Nature.  
Cold Extraction – This innovation takes cold pressed to the next level. Not only is the juice extracted gently under low Oxygen environment, but also brought under vacuum to expunge any dissolved Oxygen minimising oxidation throughout the shelf life of the juices.  
HPP - We use the latest technology used internationally called High Pressure Processing. How? HPP involves applying pressure that is over five times of what is found at the deepest end of the ocean. It allows us to protect the juices and extend their shelf-life, while retaining natural flavours, colours and nutrients in every bottle through a natural environment friendly process.  

Are these juices subjected to any form of heat?

None of our juices, fruit & veggie blends, fruit nectars and nut milks are exposed to any form of heat.

What is HPP?

HPP involves applying pressure that is over five times of what is found at the deepest end of the ocean. It allows us to protect the juices and extend their shelf-life, while retaining natural flavours, colours and nutrients in every bottle through a natural environment friendly process.

Why don’t you use glass bottles for the juice instead of PET bottles?

Using glass would require us to either reduce the shelf life to 2 days or heat the product to pasteurise it before filling for extended shelf life. Both of these options are undesirable if we are to bring to you the natural nutrition and flavor packed with all the goodness of these fruits and vegetables.

As a “Clean Label” product without either preservatives or heat pasteurization, the use of HPP requires a flexible packaging which can withstand the enormous pressure.
PET is environment friendly – requiring lesser energy to recycle as well as lesser fuel to create and deliver each bottle on account of it being much lighter than glass.

How do other cold pressed juices have a shelf life of just 3 days while Second Nature juices have a shelf life of 21-30 days?

Cold Pressed juices with just 3 days of shelf life do not undergo HPP and therefore must be consumed within 3 days and that too only when stored at 0 - 8 degrees Celsius. The highest level of hygiene and a sanitized production environment are also essential to ensure that no harmful micro-organisms are present to achieve even 2-3 days shelf life! 

All Second Nature juices, blends and nut milks are not only produced in an environment certified to the highest levels of global food safety and hygiene but also undergo HPP, which is natural environment friendly process that uses intense pressure thereby lengthening the shelf-life while respecting the ingredients and ensuring retention of the original flavour and nutrition of the fruits, veggies and nuts.

Your juices are so sweet, are you adding sugar or sweeteners to the juice?

Our juices are sweet as we source the best quality fruits and vegetables in season from farmers whom we have partnered with for over 2 decades. Our stringent post-harvest management of the fruit and veggies also helps to ensure no loss in quality, nutrition and freshness of the fruits and veggies.

How is your Almond Milk different from that of other brands in the market?

Our Almond Milk and other Nut Milks are made of whole nuts. We don’t strain. Our special process mills the nuts so fine that you get the WHOLE nut in a creamy, delicious and enriching drink filled to the brim with all the goodness. Our plain nut-milks have at least 10% nuts (that’s a lot!), and we use the same base to create exciting alternatives.

What are the national and international certifications and audits that you have for Second Nature and for the production facilities?

Second Nature is produced at our own state-of-the-art facility certified to ISO22000 and BRC global standards.

Some of the fruits that you are using like mango are not available throughout the year, then how are you making these variants during off-season?

We source the best Alphonso from Western India, and after extracting the pulp HPP it before freezing. This ensures that it is in close to natural condition when ready for preparation.

Are the plastic bottles you use for packing juice BPA free?

The Second Nature bottles and caps are food grade virgin PET and BPA free.


Isn’t it better to eat raw fruits and vegetables than have juices?

Absolutely! Make sure you include as much raw fruits and vegetables of good quality in your diet as you can! But we understand that it is not always convenient for a variety of reasons – and our purpose is to supplement this essential component of your diet with the second best option.  

We know that the best way to get the maximum nutrition and taste out of most fruits is when you pluck them from the tree and have them. We believe, the second best is our way. And we have gone great lengths to ensure that you get to relish nature’s bounty as nature intended it to be. Being close to nature, is our Second Nature.  

Isn’t it true that the juice I make at home is as good if not better than the Second Nature range?

- If you have the gift, your juices and blends could taste fantastic! But the fruits and vegetables you juice at home are not bought directly from a farm. They reach you via a number of intermediaries and have possibly travelled several days from when they were harvested without any temperature control to the market where you bought them from. However, we source our fruits directly from the farmers. Our stringent post-harvest management of the fruits and veggies ensures freshness and maximum retention of nutrition.  

Secondly the juice made at home in a juicer/blender is exposed to heat(if not using a cold press) and certain oxidation even before you sip it, resulting in further loss of nutrients.  

Can a pregnant lady drink Second Nature?

Please consult your doctor if there is a specific condition that advises against the consumption of a specific fruit or vegetable. If any fruit or vegetable is acceptable in its raw form, its juice will be acceptable as well.

Can I drink these juices twice a day? Even though it has no added sugar are two bottles of the juice, too much natural sugar for a person in a day?

We declare the total sugars(naturally occurring in fruits) on the label. So you can enjoy it as many times a day as long as your intake of any nutritional component is suitable for your specific requirements – specially if your nutritionist or dietician has advised you in this regard.

Are these juices safe to give to a child?

Absolutely! We test EVERY single batch in the laboratory to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Please do ensure that the product is stored between 0-8 degrees Celsius to protect it’s integrity.

Can a person with diabetes drink Second Nature?

Please do consult your doctor – our juices have no added sugars. If the sugars present in a fruit are acceptable in your condition so will it’s juice be!

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes – these are excellent alternatives for vegans!

Can I drink your juices even if I am on a gluten free diet?

Fruits and vegetables do not contain gluten – consequently, neither do our juices!

What is RDA?

- RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowances is defined as the nutrient present in the diet which satisfies the daily requirements of nearly all individuals in a population. These imply addition of safety factor amount to the estimated requirement to cover the variation among individuals, losses during cooking and the lack of precision inherent in the estimated requirement.  

RDA = Requirements + Safety Factor
 RDA of an individual depends on many factors like age, sex, physical work and physiological stress. Percent daily values are based on a 2000 kcal diet considering a reference man and a reference woman. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.  

How do you define a "Reference Man" in the context of RDA?

Reference man is between 18-29 years of age, weighs 60 kg, a height of 1.73m with a BMI of 20.3 and is free from disease and physically fit for active work. On each working day, he is engaged in 8 hours of occupation which usually involves moderate activity, while when not at work he spends 8 hours in bed, 4-6 hours in sitting and moving about, 2 hours in walking and in active recreation or household duties.


At what temperatures should the juices be stored?

Juices should be stored between 0 - 8 degree Celsius.

Once opened can I consume the juice through the course of the day?

Enjoy within a day of opening when stored in the fridge. If opened and kept at room temperature, please do consume the same within a few hours as they are best enjoyed cold.

My juice bottles were kept in fridge and there is some settling of ingredients at the bottom, why does that happen?

Being natural, the fibres in our juice may separate on standing for a while, so please shake the bottle well before relishing.

What are the ways one can tell if the juice is spoilt?

The juices can spoil before the end of stated shelf life only when the cold chain is broken and the product is not stored at 0 - 8 degrees Celsius. If your juice bottle is bloated or the juice is looking fizzy or smells very acidic then please do not consume it. Please call us on +91-8600-606-606 so that we can answer any questions you may have.  

I noticed a colour change in the juice after keeping it in the fridge for a week. Why is that?

The natural enzymes in the juices are alive and kicking – and this can alter the taste or colour slightly over extended storage. Do not worry – they are perfectly safe and delicious for consumption if within their stated shelf life and stored between 0 - 8 degrees Celsius.


Which are the cities that you are currently available in?

We are currently available in Nashik and Mumbai.We will be launching soon other cities. You can order online or call us to place your orders. We are also available at select stores – you can find the one nearest to you using the Store Locater on our website.

What is the minimum order quantity?

At present the minimum order value is Rs.500/-. Any order above this amount will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost if the pin-code is serviced by us.

Can I return the empty bottles to the delivery person?

As of now we do not have the process set out for this, however we are working on it and will update you as soon as we can pick-up the empties from you.

Order & Subscription

What are the various ways to order juices for home delivery?

The easiest way is to order online right here on the website! You can also call us on +91-8600-606-606 to order or email your requirement along with your complete mailing address to Please note that we are currently delivering to limited pincodes in Nashik, Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

I would like to place a visi-cooler of Second Nature juices in my office/store, whom do I connect with to discuss the same?

Please send an email to with your ideas and we will have an account manager reach out to you.

What are the advantages of a subscription?

You mean other than great savings? Most importantly, you are just a few steps away from a healthy and refreshing juice when your refrigerator is stocked with your favourite Second Nature juices! Have the convenience of a nutritious option when you are pressed for time or simply in the mood for something refreshing yet healthy.

How can I cancel my subscription?

In the event that you want to cancel your subscription, please email us at or call us +91-8600-606-606. 

How can I put a break in my subscription if I have last minute travel plans?

Please do email us on with your subscription details and also the period from when you want the break. Post your return kindly drop us another email asking for resumption of the deliveries.

How can I update my shipping address in case I move home/office?

Please log into your account and update your address with the current details.

How can I gift a subscription to someone?

In exactly the same way you would go about gifting it to yourself!

What are the payment options for DTH? Do you accept cash on delivery?

Online payments are fast and easy. You can choose to use your credit or debit card or net-banking to pay for your orders. We support several wallets as well and also accept COD.

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