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Delivering PURE cold-extracted juices in Mumbai & Nasik.



Everything nature created is pure. Unadulterated. Filled with love and care. But by the time nature's gifts reach us, they have been tampered with and are not pure anymore. Second Nature is our attempt to bring nature to you, just the way it should be - without adulteration or tampering. Which brings us to the Second Nature fruit chain.
First the Farmer
Fruits, like people, are a product of nature and nurture. In fact, every fruit has two parents. Nature and the farmer. We have a relationship with both. For over 20 years, we’ve been family with farmers - we don’t just work with them, we take an active interest in their lives and adding value at every step.
Happy Fruits
Getting the best value for their produce makes a farmer happy. Happy farmers grow happy fruits and vegetables. Happy fruits and veggies give delicious and nutritious juices.
Happy Upbringing
Fruits may grow happy, but for them to stay happy, they need to be raised right- what we call post-harvest management. We’re the best at it. We ensure the produce retains maximum taste and nutrition after they are plucked.
Happy Tastrition
Second Nature is cold-extracted. That’s one step better than cold-pressed the it comes to retaining natural taste, fibres and nutrients. We use the environment friendly process called HPP. It keeps in the good. We don’t add sugar, preservatives or heat. We’re tasty and nutritious, both. Every bottle is a pleasant surprise.
Happy You
It’s good for the environment. It’s good on your tastebuds. It’s good on your health. What else does one need to be happy? Generous glugs are the best measure of happiness.
Happy Us
Happy farmers, happy fruits, happy mother nature, happy you - that’s all we really ever want.
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